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Riders Injured near Midrand, GP

Just after 1 pm today, 25 May 2018, two adult males (rider and passenger) were involved in an MVC (Motorcycle Vehicle Crash) following a head-on collision with an LMV on the R55/R562 interchange near Midrand. Both rider and passenger are in a critical condition and attended to by Emer-G-Med. The […]

Rider Injured in Glenwood, ZN

Earlier this morning, just past 7 am on Friday 25 May 2018, a male rider in his late 40s carrying a young passenger, went down in an MVC (Motorcycle Vehicle Crash) on the corner Nicholson Road and Penzance Road in Glenwood near Durban. Both the rider and the 6-year-old passenger […]

I didn’t Crash

We learn of motorcycle crashes every day, stories of pain and trauma, stories of loss and suffering, but we hardly ever hear the good news; stories of close-calls where the rider managed to escape a crash, riding away to teach us something. If you have a “I didn’t crash” story […]