Attitude to Safety by Age Segment

It is both interesting and important to learn one's attitude to safety, which flows from character, and how this attitude can infect your riding manner. Riders represent a spectrum, from leisure to practical motorcycle operators, and have different reasons for riding. Seven segments can be identified, based on a spectrum of attitudes to risk, passion for riding and reasons for riding. Do you see yourself in one or more segment?

Informed and Cautious

29% are aged 50-59 years old

Enthusiasts who have ended up using their bikes in the city even though they don’t necessarily enjoy it. Strong sense of vulnerability informed by experience

Attitude to Safety
Focus on cautious riding, with low levels of risk-taking – but do feel vulnerable to actions of others

Measured and Practical

35% are aged 40-49 years old

Sensible, practical, working people who take advantage of the opportunities riding offers. Unlikely to have ridden outside city limits

Attitude to Safety
Highest proportion of scooter riders so safety clothing isn’t a priority but safe/cautious ways of riding are

Accidental Appreciators

38% are aged 30-39 years old

People who initially turned to two wheels for practical reasons but have found they enjoy the ‘edge’ it gives them

Attitude to Safety
Much less likely to own correct gear
Take more minor risks, and do have more crashes than other groups, but some recognition of their own inexperience and behaviour

Developing Riders

40% are aged 30-39 years old

New to two wheels but keen to learn, and anxious not to make the same mistakes twice

Attitude to Safety
Not strong risk takers and they make sure they wear the right clothing
Have experienced more near misses than other riders

Respectful Riders

29% are aged 60-79 years old


Long-term bike enthusiasts who may have returned to recreational riding in their later years. They are experienced in years in the saddle but possibly lacking in current advanced riding skills.

Attitude to Safety

Safety is critical and awareness of mortality is enhanced. Competent and considered risk taking. Assess when a behaviour is risky, and when not, calculate appropriate time/place.

All about Image

47% are aged 30-39 years old

Fashion and image conscious people who have bought into riding for the look of it. Often identified by more serious bikers as lacking in motorcycling skill and ability

Attitude to Safety
Image is all: won’t wear appropriate gear and riding is more about looking good than staying safe

Attention Seekers

63% are aged 20-29 years old

Young, hedonistic and liable to ride in groups. Often thrill seeking or showing off to others

Attitude to Safety
Appreciation of what a risk is, but do it anyway – and awareness that it’s risky almost adds to the buzz/likelihood to perform the behaviour



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