Guardian Angel, for your Motorcycling Peace of Mind


Guardian Angel is a locally developed motorcycle security and safety system that focuses on minimising the potential for motorcycle theft and maximises the survivability of bikers in the event of an accident.

The system is based on perhaps the most up-to-date technology available and consists of two parts.  The first is a tracking unit which is fitted to the bike.  This allows our 24/7 control room to monitor the bike in a number of aspects which recognises whenever the bike is tampered with; when it moves without the ignition being switched on; in cases where the bike accidentally falls over and most importantly, the instant that an accident occurs. In each of these cases, the owner is notified of the status of his bike either by means of a push notification which urges him to check his bike, or by phone in more serious cases.  Other alerts include ‘Ignition On’, ‘Battery Disconnect’, ‘Low Bike Battery’, and ‘Low Tracker Battery’.

This early-warning system is backed-up by Trackbox Technologies – SA’s leading crime-fighting and emergency response platform. Guardian Angel incorporates the Trackbox App and allows us to communicate directly with our clients through a fully-manned control room that monitors the ‘live’ information being generated by the tracking unit.  In the event that the bike is moved without an ignition signal, our controllers immediately make contact with the owner while at the same time identifying the most appropriate local resources to intercept the bike in the event it is being stolen.  In the same way, the system automatically recognises when the bike is involved in an accident and while our controllers attempt to make contact with the rider, they can already despatch emergency response to the known GPS location of the bike.  Because the App records all pertinent information about the biker (medical aid; blood group; emergency contacts; etc) we save time by reacting rather than capturing data.  In extreme cases, we even have the ability to remotely activate the microphone and camera on the client’s phone so that our team is able to monitor the ambient situation in the event of an accident or emergency (permissions are required).

Unlike other systems being made available to bikers in SA today, Guardian Angel is fully automated, ensuring immediate response in the case of either an attempted theft or an accident – without the owner having to press or activate anything!  Our unique features differentiate us from anything else on the road today because as you probably know, actually pressing a panic button on your phone in the event of a motorcycle accident is most unlikely in most cases.

Another important part of what we offer is an embedded emergency accident fund that covers the immediate costs of emergency response in the event of an on- or off-bike emergency.  This ranges from our standard ten thousand Rand cover for an individual biker to one hundred thousand Rand per incident for those without medical aid cover.  Our various packages provide more information on these benefits.

Perhaps the most important fact about Guardian Angel is that it is the only system developed specifically for motorcycles.  All other responses and tracking systems rely on car-based technology and which we have found after three years of development fails to recognise the specific characteristics of motorcycles completely.

Guardian Angel works anywhere that a GSM signal is available – even across borders in the SADEC region, ensuring that riders that travel outside of SA benefit from full coverage and support. 

Our Trackbox partners operate across southern Africa in conjunction with local law enforcement – both public and private and employ some of the most advanced technology available to ensure the quickest and most effective recovery of bikes or the fastest response to on-road emergencies and accidents. A network of service providers and security agencies extends across the region and the thirteen years of experience and networks developed by Trackbox ensure that our clients continually get the best cover and support available.

For more information and package options, please visit their website.