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Riding Posture

To control a motorcycle well, your body must be in the correct position: Keep your head and eyes up, and look where you want to go. Relax your arms and place minimal weight on your wrists. Keep your back relaxed and support your weight with your stomach muscles. Grip the […]

Basic Riding Techniques

BRAKINGCorrect braking is done in two stages, first put light pressure on the brake levers and pause (set up the brakes), then progressively apply the necessary braking pressure (squeeze). STEERINGA motorcycle can be steered by direct steering or counter steering.Direct steering is only used for very low-speed turns, such as […]

Common Hazards – Response

Cover your levers, slow down, and try to make eye contact. Respond before someone can enter your crash avoidance space. A vehicle waiting to turn in front of your path. A vehicle waiting to pull out from the left side. Important!Slow down, gear down, cover your brakes, and try to […]

Road Positioning – Bends

Slow down and begin to move into the Apex (or Delayed Apex) as the bend opens up. Avoid or adjust your line to maintain your buffer from oncoming traffic. Left – Running wide can result in a crash. Right – Turning in too early can result in a head-on collision […]

Road Positioning – Gaps

Choose a gap so other vehicles are not forced to change speed or road position. Be clear of the intersection for 3 seconds before other vehicles arrive. Always make sure you have a clear exit through the junction. Never stand in the junction and wait.

Road Positioning – Overtaking

When overtaking create a buffer from the vehicle you are passing. Before overtaking a slow-moving vehicle check for side streets and driveway that they may be turning into. Before overtaking check for side streets and concealed driveways. Before turning into a street or driveway, look for vehicles that may be […]