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Formation – Turn Around

You might’ve missed an off-ramp or side-street, or the road ahead is no longer suitable and you need to turn the group around swiftly and safely. This should be done as a last resort, and only if you can’t go around the block. What you are about to do may […]

Formation – Lane Change

When the group is moving on the highway and needs to change lanes, the column will do so starting with the REAR (Sweep Rider) of the group. While this seems strange at first, once you experience it you’ll understand how it increases the safety of such a move. The lead […]

Hand Signals

Hand signals should be used by all riders and passed along to those behind you. EVERYONE in the group must know what your signals mean before you leave your start point. NO SIGNALS OF AGGRESSION OR ROAD RAGE – GROW UP! Feel free to put a hand up of thanks […]