Hein Jonker – an Asset to your brand

The motorcycle market, on both sides of the fence, is in a state of limbo but I am extremely confident that this state is far from permanent. What I’m proposing here, is something you’ve never experienced before. My vast knowledge and experience highlighted below will truly be a valuable asset to you, your business, and brand.

About Hein Jonker

I’ve been riding motorcycles, on and off, for the last 36+ years since the age of 14. Starting off on a mining community learning from a friend, stupidly riding around in the bush without helmet or gear exploring and hunting. My first introduction to training was in Rhundu, during my military service in 1987-1988, when certain officers were issued with Honda XL350R motorcycles.


About Bike Talk

Bike Talk was founded in January 2006, a Motorcycle Lifestyle Media platform, serving the local motorcycle community with some of the most unique and informative features, articles and content aimed at giving the readers a medium they can relate to and enjoy, and help you the dealer/importer to promote your products in South Africa.


About MSI

MSI is the leading organisation on Motorcycle Safety & Risk Awareness in South Africa, and the only active organisation that monitors Motorcycle Crashes in South Africa, collecting and analysing data for the sake of Risk Awareness and education among motorcyclists and other road users.


About Hein Jonker Media House

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of Print Media, Electronic Media, Web Media, Social Media, Video Media, Advertising Campaigns, and other Technology Resources, I’m able to provide expert advice and services to clients both locally and abroad.


Sponsorships, Past & Present

In the past, I’ve been sponsored by Honda SA for 8 years (2006 – 2014), enjoyed Brand Ambassadorships for Victory Motorcycles (2015) and Buell Motorcycles (2016), Xkulcha (2008 to present).

Since Honda pulled all sponsorships in 2014, local dealers in Durban have assisted with the supply of motorcycles for Reviews and Training when needed.

This, however, was a short-term solution and hardly the way forward in the long-run.

The Sponsorship

In order to be the change we all want there to be, a long-term motorcycle sponsor is a vital element to the solution. For me to continue my valuable work in MSI and Bike Talk, and to be a great asset to your company/brand, the following will be required:

  1. A suitable motorcycle for both local and national travel, replaced when sold or when you see fit.
  2. Branded apparel where possible, for further or extended brand awareness.
  3. Business cards to help promote the company and brand.
  4. Sales aids such as product brochures and pamphlets.

Value-added benefits to the Sponsor

My involvement and contribution to this sponsorship:

  1. Grow brand awareness at my immediate location in KZN and across Bike Talk and MSI Social Media Platforms which includes: Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud, and Websites.
  2. Feature your logo in our extensive Motorcycle Safety Campaigns on Photo and Video mediums. For instance, your logo will be embedded on all Bike Talk and MSI owned videos and photos.
  3. Organise and host regular Day Tours / Breakfast Runs in KZN, representing and promoting the brand.
  4. Organise and host Weekend Tours in and around KZN, again driving brand awareness, extending to social media when posting photos of the event on the Bike Talk Facebook page.
  5. Use the sponsored unit on the MSI training programmes on a national level.
  6. Discounted training fees to your customers.
  7. Use my extensive knowledge and experience to help improve your social media exposure, the effective use of analytics to marketing and sales drives through Hein Jonker Media House.
  8. Promote dealership/company events and promotions on the powerful Bike Talk platforms.
  9. Generate sales both out in the field and two days a month in the dealership.
  10. Free advertising on the popular Bike Talk website and social media platforms.
  11. Feature a “Sponsored by …” your logo on the Bike Talk and MSI websites, linking to your website.
  12. Feature the sponsored unit in all MSI training videos.
  13. Attend key events in order to represent and promote your brand.

Final Motivation

This sponsorship will be an investment in your business and brand which will have an extremely positive impact on our local motorcycle industry and communities. I need your help, and I’m certain that you can do with mine.

For more information on how we can make a lasting and progressive impact in our local motorcycle market, please contact me directly.

Hein Jonker – 083 7937975, or hein@biketalk.co.za / hein@msi.org.za