Rider Injured near Harties, GP

A male rider in his 20s was injured in a motorcycle only crash near Hartbeespoort (connecting road between the R104 and R511) during the early morning hours of  Sunday 16 September 2018. Following is his account of the incident, we trust you will be made aware of the road conditions in the area and not fall victim to injury.

“Was turning left, checking for traffic from the right. I didn’t see the gravel (as can be seen in the photo), bike slid out from under me. I was doing about 20-30 km/h. I should have been checking road conditions, however, the gravel does not stand out at all. The roads in the area are being re-tarred so there is a lot of gravel everywhere.

Big things that are broken are the gear lever(also bike is stuck in 2nd), left mirror, gear lever holder, bar ends, handlebar cover (bark buster looking things). I have not got an assessment on damage yet.

I did not break anything, however, I grazed my knee, as I was wearing normal khaki’s (long pants). My ankle is also sprained, as my foot was between the bike and road, I can only imagine it would have snapped if not for the boots I was wearing.”