Hein Jonker and his team of experts spend their lives researching, writing, testing, training and consulting on issues Motorcycle Safety and Rider Skills Development. Excessive Speed and Rider Error, not ruling out other Road Users and Road Conditions, are the biggest contributing factors to motorcycle crashes on our roads today. Learn and Live!

Braking Explained

Braking is one of the most important things you’ll learn to do on a motorcycle; though newbies tend to get ...
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Beginner Mistakes

Are you interested in riding a motorcycle, or already on your way? Let’s say you’ve taken the first steps, learned ...
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Rider Fatigue

Fatigue is identified as one of the “fatal five” causes of accidents responsible for as much as 20% of all ...
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ABS or Not

Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS) are NOT designed to help you stop faster! Despite the general impression that ABS equipped vehicles ...
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Hein on Safety

Hein – can you give us a brief overview of how long you have been a biker and how long ...
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Choose your Kickers

So many boots, so many choices, and yet so little time to choose the perfect pair. At the end of ...
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