Hein Jonker and his team of experts spend their lives researching, writing, testing, training and consulting on issues Motorcycle Safety and Rider Skills Development. Excessive Speed and Rider Error, not ruling out other Road Users and Road Conditions, are the biggest contributing factors to motorcycle crashes on our roads today. Learn and Live!

Mom, dad, I want a motorcycle please

So, you think it is time to experience what you’ve only seen from the inside of a car or in ...
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Choosing the right Motorcycle

So you've decided to buy a motorcycle and hit the open road. Before you do, you should consider the number ...
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Motorcycle Buyer’s Guide

Daydreaming about hitting the open road on 2-wheels, wind in your face, on your favourite motorcycle? It’s a fantasy for ...
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Motorcycle Hand Signals

Although motorcycle hand gestures are something that most riders learn as part of a club or group, often they are ...
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About the K53 Motorcycle License Test

Frequently asked questions on the K53 Motorcycle License Test and our answers Q1: I don’t have a Learner License and ...
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I didn’t Crash

We learn of motorcycle crashes every day, stories of pain and trauma, stories of loss and suffering, but we hardly ...
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