Among motorcycle riders, the lack of proper Motorcycle Skills is the biggest contributing factor to motorcycle accidents on our roads today. Here Hein Jonker and his team of experts, with their vast amount of knowledge and experience, provide world-class advice for the skilful operation of motorcycles, learning from the best in the business!

Street Braking

Most riders would agree that while the sensation of speed on a motorcycle is exhilarating, stopping quickly, efficiently and safely ...
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Through the Curve

Anybody can ride a motorcycle in a straight line. Here you learn how to ride in a curve. Taking curves ...
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Sit or Stand when Riding

This is an old issue, overkilled by many adventure riders where they end up standing just for the hell of ...
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Strong Core for Balance

A strong core, the muscles around your waist and spine, is key to develop a good sense of balance. Sure, ...
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Dirt Bike Tips for Street Riders

If you already know how to ride a motorcycle but want to head off-road on a dirt bike or dual-purpose ...
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