Hein Jonker and his team of experts spend their lives researching, writing, testing, training and consulting on issues Motorcycle Safety and Rider Skills Development. Excessive Speed and Rider Error, not ruling out other Road Users and Road Conditions, are the biggest contributing factors to motorcycle crashes on our roads today. Learn and Live!

I didn’t Crash

We learn of motorcycle crashes every day, stories of pain and trauma, stories of loss and suffering, but we hardly ...
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Night Riding: Friend or Foe

Riding at night can be the experience you want it to be It’s not uncommon to hear riders saying that ...
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Most common causes of Motorcycle Crashes

In the majority of crashes, inappropriate speed for the circumstances is a factor. Here are the most common causes of ...
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How the Government can solve Traffic Congestion in SA

The government spends millions on local transport infrastructures like roads, railways, etc., apparently making it easier for road users to ...
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Attitude to Safety by Age Segment

It is both interesting and important to learn one's attitude to safety, which flows from character, and how this attitude ...
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bad habits

Bad Habits and Motorcycles

Bad habits are negative behaviour patterns, and in motorcycle terms, this can most certainly be the difference between life and ...
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