Hein Jonker and his team of experts spend their lives researching, writing, testing, training and consulting on issues Motorcycle Safety and Rider Skills Development. Excessive Speed and Rider Error, not ruling out other Road Users and Road Conditions, are the biggest contributing factors to motorcycle crashes on our roads today. Learn and Live!

Crash: Cause and Result

Causes, in most cases, are speculative. With no first-hand eyewitness or proper investigation, the cause of such a crash will ...
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Motorcycle Helmet Laws Worldwide

The topic of universal motorcycle helmet laws is a hot one all over the world, but how do we deal ...
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Real People on Motorcycle Safety

In a recent poll conducted by a friend on his Facebook page, the question was asked: “What would you say ...
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The Physics of Speed

A motorcycle ridden at 40km/h or slower can stop in 12 metres or less, giving the rider a good chance ...
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Crash not an Accident

In Motorcycle Terms, what’s the difference? What we assume and the grammar or language we use to describe our assumption ...
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Fools Drink and Ride

With long weekends, holidays, or any other day for that matter giving an opportunity to the ride of a lifetime ...
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