motorcycle tyres

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Tyre Feelings

Once again I heard experienced riders only partially explain to some newbies that they needed to be careful after putting new tyres on their bikes. They were told that this was because the new tyres do not have as much traction on them until they are scuffed up a little. […]

Surface & Traction

We all know to retain ones balance a couple of things need to be in your favour. Many of these we take for granted! Let’s look at the human being – it makes the most of an intricate system using all its senses. Eyes and the horizon give an idea […]

Size Matters

Squeezing a wide tyre onto a narrow rim can be a big mistake. Here’s why. Those low-profile 190-series tyres sure look gnarly on the back of a sportbike, and we’ve seen them pinched onto all sizes of rims. But in reality, a 190/50-17 fits properly only on a 152mm rim, […]