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Getting back in the saddle after Lockdown

It’s been way too long for most of us! Putting life on hold is one thing, but not being allowed to ride for this long, is a totally different story. Most of us had the time, and savvy, to take a bike apart, service and spring clean every component of […]

How the Government can solve Traffic Congestion in SA

The government spends millions on local transport infrastructures like roads, railways, etc., apparently making it easier for road users to get around. Even with all that spending, our infrastructure is nowhere near where it needs to be. But there’s another cheap solution that could ease traffic, parking, and the wear […]

The Physics of Speed

A motorcycle ridden at 40km/h or slower can stop in 12 metres or less, giving the rider a good chance to brake and stop in time if a car turns in front of him.If the motorcycle was being ridden at 60km/h, and the car turns 12 metres in front of […]

Overtaking Trucks

Almost everyday we deal with all sorts of vehicles when riding in traffic, and overtaking trucks should be done with caution. Here Hein briefly shares his insights on this issue; listen up!