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Strong Core for Balance

A strong core, the muscles around your waist and spine, is key to develop a good sense of balance. Sure, some say that balance is affected by the inner ear, but years of training experience lead me to believe or trust in the core. I believe that if your lower […]

bad habits

Bad Habits and Motorcycles

Bad habits are negative behaviour patterns, and in motorcycle terms, this can most certainly be the difference between life and death. The fact of the matter is that it is much easier to learn or create a new habit than to try and fix an old one. The willingness to […]

Sit or Stand when Riding

This is an old issue, overkilled by many adventure riders where they end up standing just for the hell of it, and a style feared by the novice who chooses to avoid the “Meerkat” issue to their own downfall. No pun intended. Your posture is justified by the conditions you […]

Riding in the Winter

Time for an ice-cold slap in the face! Here are a few chilling safety reminders for the winter months ahead. Not everybody has the luxury of heated grips and a nice snug faring, so keep these points in mind to extend your riding pleasure! Slippery Roads: The first rains of […]

Through the Curve

Anybody can ride a motorcycle in a straight line. Here you learn how to ride in a curve. Taking curves is rather a personal choice in terms of selection of entry and exit points as well as speed, it seems to me. For example, the typical advice I have heard […]

Should I Ride?

Riding a motorcycle is a unique experience. Riding is fun and invigorating, yet the skills needed for safe riding, combined with the lack of car-like crash protection on a motorcycle, can cast doubts on whether a person should choose to ride a motorcycle. Some potential riders lack the ability to […]