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Motorcycle Awareness is important to you

You may be aware of the risks of riding your motorcycle, but are other road users around you? If the driver of a car or truck doesn’t see you or isn’t aware that you may be closer than you appear, then it is you who might get hurt in a […]

Get Up to Speed on Motorcycles

May is Motorcycle Awareness Month, and the Motorcycle Safety Institute (MSI) and Think Bike wants to remind vehicle drivers and motorcyclists alike to Share the Road. In 2018, nearly 200 motorcyclists died in road crashes, and more than 500 injured. This trend in motorcycle crashes continues to this day, and […]

I didn’t Crash

We learn of motorcycle crashes every day, stories of pain and trauma, stories of loss and suffering, but we hardly ever hear the good news; stories of close-calls where the rider managed to escape a crash, riding away to teach us something. If you have a “I didn’t crash” story […]

Delivery Rider

It is often said that the delivery bike rider is asked whether he has a licence, given the bike, keys and a helmet and off he goes – Do you believe this is true? In some cases this is very real and indeed a major concern. These delivery riders are […]