Motorcycle Safety Institute expands its reach into Africa

Durban, South Africa – The Motorcycle Safety Institute of South Africa (MSI) is thrilled to announce its expansion into the broader African continent. Known for its dedication to motorcycle safety and premier training programs in South Africa, MSI is poised to make a significant impact on the standard of rider training across Africa.

Going forward, motorcycle riders and enthusiasts beyond the South African borders can expect heightened efforts in rider education. As the initiative progresses, more instructors will undergo rigorous training programmes with MSI. Upon completion, MSI-certified instructors will return to their respective countries more equipped than ever before, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to their local motorcycle communities.

MSI’s drive towards excellence will bring its specialized motorcycle rider training and educational programmes to new audiences, catering to the diverse range of road conditions and environments across the continent. This new initiative aims to elevate the standards of motorcycle safety, skill, and awareness among riders in various African nations.

“Our mission has always been to ensure every rider has the resources and knowledge to ride with skill and confidence on any public road,” said Hein. “By extending our reach into Africa, we hope to make significant strides in reducing motorcycle-related incidents and enhancing the overall motorcycling experience for enthusiasts.”

MSI’s courses and programmes are renowned for their comprehensive approach, merging practical riding techniques with crucial road safety education. As part of this continental outreach, the institute will collaborate with local entities and governments to tailor training materials to meet specific regional needs and challenges.

The Motorcycle Safety Institute is optimistic about this initiative and looks forward to making a positive impact on riders of all levels throughout Africa.

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Hein Jonker
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About Motorcycle Safety Institute of South Africa: Established in 2015, with its roots dating back to 2005, the Motorcycle Safety Institute (MSI) is the leading authority in motorcycle safety training in the country. Dedicated to reducing motorcycle-related accidents and promoting safe riding habits, MSI has been at the forefront of rider education, offering a range of courses from beginner to advanced levels.