You might think: Why Get Trained? Why not?!

Learning to effectively ride a motorcycle from a book or video is one thing and will never top the practical expert guidance from the eye of a professional riding instructor. Learning from a friend or family member is not a good idea unless he or she is an expert instructor. Riders are encouraged to do a refresher course on an advanced level each time he or she buys a new bike or at the very least once a year and most certainly after an accident or incident. Even an instructor should submit himself to frequent training workshops, learning and developing new skills and training methods.

You are never too old to learn, learning new and honing existing skills increases confidence, making you a clear thinking and safer rider. Life cover is not enough, training is vital; why claim it if you can avoid it.

Consult the MSI Course Outline or any of the listed Academies, and find out how you can ride with skill and confidence.