The Motorcycle Safety Institute is the leading organisation on Motorcycle Safety & Risk Awareness in South Africa, offering specialised motorcycle rider training and educational programmes both on local soil and into Africa.

MSI was founded by Hein Jonker in November 2015 as an independent and private non-government organisation, sparked by a passion for life on two wheels that started with Bike Talk MRA in 2005. Today, MSI is operated by a dedicated team of highly skilled motorcycle instructors and motorcycle safety enthusiasts.

The Motorcycle Safety Institute is also the only active organisation that monitored motorcycle crashes and collisions in South Africa from 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2019; collected and analysed valuable data for Risk Awareness and Safety Education among motorcyclists.

With an ever-increasing network, MSI can aid and support those who share our vision. We work closely with EMS heroes, Road Traffic Authorities, Road Safety Organisations like Arrive Alive, Motorcycle Councils, and Riding Schools and Academies.

The MSI Objectives

  • Train and inform motorcyclists on safe and efficient riding techniques.
  • Boost training standards by offering valuable resources and world-class assistance.
  • Advocate for better motorcycle safety laws and increased awareness.
  • Analyse and share pertinent data to increase situational awareness for riders.
  • Equip and support riding institutions throughout Africa, fostering safe and mindful motorcycle riding.
  • Develop and refine training material to uphold the highest training standards on the continent.

The MSI Mission Statement
We are in the business of changing the way you think, thus changing the way you ride – Ride to Live!