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About MSI
MSI-Motorcycle Safety Institute is the brainchild of Hein Jonker, created to be more focused on rider education, road safety and awareness of motorcyclists. We strongly believe that Skill, through Training, is required to achieve Safety!

MSI is a hub for Motorcycle Safety – the only organisation that conducts and monitors Road Captain, Marshall, Group Safety, and Instructor training in South Africa.

MSI is also the only active organisation that monitors Motorcycle Accidents in South Africa, collecting and analysing data for the sake of Risk Awareness among motorcyclists.

2016 Report | 2017 Report (ongoing)

The MSI Goal
Our main goal is to educate and coach the South African motorcycle operator on a national level, focused specifically on the Urban & Freeway Rider, Road Captains and Instructors alike.

The majority, the other road users, is a dynamic mass and difficult to change or educate. They are extremely distracted by radio, mobile devices, other occupants, thoughts, etc., a “luxury” we choose to avoid when riding. We have to accept that and focus on educating the minority (us) to successfully reduce the risk in becoming a dreaded statistic.

We are in the business of changing the way you think, thus changing the way you ride – Ride to Live!


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