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MSI, founded by Hein Jonker, is the leading organisation on Motorcycle Safety & Risk Awareness in South Africa, conducting Road Captain Training, Group Safety Training to Motorcycle Clubs/Groups/Chapters, and Riding Instructor Training in a support capacity to riding schools and academies throughout the country.

MSI is also the only active organisation that monitors Motorcycle Crashes in South Africa, collecting and analysing data for the sake of Risk Awareness and Safety among motorcyclists.

Today, the team consists of dedicated individuals, actively giving of their own time and resources to help save the lives of others.

Motorcycle Crash Stats & Reporting

In no way do these reports represent the total Motorcycle Crashes; but are based on reported crash data, collected from trusted sources. Browse the crash data for 2016 | 2017 | 2018

Feel free to join the Facebook Group, or use our online Crash Reporting System to capture valuable crash data.


Our Valued Sponsors

We'd like to thank our valued Sponsors for their support in furthering our drive towards a safer riding experience in South Africa.