Among motorcycle riders, the lack of proper Motorcycle Skills is the biggest contributing factor to motorcycle accidents on our roads today. Here Hein Jonker and his team of experts, with their vast amount of knowledge and experience, provide world-class advice for the skilful operation of motorcycles, learning from the best in the business!

Braking Explained

Braking is one of the most important things you’ll learn to do on a motorcycle; though newbies tend to get ...
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Friction Zone

Understanding the friction zone is key to riding a motorcycle. Without proper clutch control you may stall the motorcycle (kill ...
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The U-turn

It may look easy, but a smoothly executed U-turn on a motorcycle is more challenging than you might think. How ...
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Target Fixation

Target Fixation demonstrates pretty convincingly that your motorcycle goes where you’re looking. But why? Your eyes, after all, are not ...
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Parking your Bike

Many of us firmly believe that it is unmanly for a motorcycle to lack a few scars. However, many riders ...
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Steering Explained

You are riding along a country road, and can see the road ahead curving sharply to the right. It’s a ...
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