Listed below are the specialist courses offered by the Motorcycle Safety Institute of South Africa, mainly conducted in Durban. Over the years we have and will continue to make every effort to bring our course offering to you, so don’t hesitate to contact us.


  1. Riders who have successfully completed both the Advanced and Skilled Rider Courses qualify for the Skilled Rider Wings; a prestigious award to the committed few.
  2. Road Captains trained and certified by Hein Jonker / MSI may apply for their Road Captain Cards.
  3. When available, course dates and bookings can be made on our Online Booking Form.


The Urban Rider Course (URC) is designed for the Urban Rider, focussing on the city, town, or commuting speeds. The URC is a combination of our Advanced Rider and Skilled Rider Courses. Exercises are done from move-off up to 80km/h, teaching riders the importance of effective motorcycle manipulation in real-life traffic situations. This course was developed to address Urban Risks based on 4 years of Accident Data Collection and Analysis. Riding experience of 3-6 months (1000km) is recommended.

Cost: At our Durban facility, the cost will be R1200/rider, but prices may vary depending on the location elsewhere in the country.


The Skilled Rider Course (SRC) is designed for riders who truly want to learn how to maneuver their motorcycles in limited or confined spaces with skill and confidence. Exercises are done at a near-walking pace and in up to 2ndgear, where you’ll discover and experience proper brake and clutch manipulation, the importance of head-and-eye movement, posture shift, and throttle control for the effective completion of these exercises. This is an extremely rewarding course and the foundation for all USA Motor Cops. At least 8-10 months (5000km) of riding experience is required to successfully complete this course.

Cost: At our Durban facility, the cost will be R1200/rider, but prices may vary depending on the location elsewhere in the country.


  1. Control: Clutch, Throttle & Brakes
  2. Slow Ride
  3. Inline Weave
  4. U-Turn
  5. Keyhole
  6. Off-Set Weave
  7. Figure 8
  8. Turn from Stop
  9. Iron Cross
  10. Brake & Escape


During the Advanced Rider Course (ARC), you will learn how to control your motorcycle at Urban speed (40 – 60km/h), Rural speed (80 – 100km/h), and Freeway speed (100 – 120km/h) preparing you for various real-life emergency situations and how to avoid them. The course is geared toward the rider who wants to get better acquainted with his/her motorcycle, discover their own abilities under pressure, and explore the limitations of their motorcycle. Here a Chief Instructor coaches you to safely and effectively manipulate your motorcycle to at least minimise risk or injury.

The ARC should be considered when you purchase a new motorcycle, and most certainly after a crash or incident, to help boost skill and confidence levels. At least 6-8 months (4000km) of riding experience is required to effectively complete this course.

Cost: At our Durban facility, the cost will be R1500/rider, but prices may vary depending on the location elsewhere in the country.


Theory Session

  1. Road Safety
  2. Rider Safety
  3. Riding Gear
  4. Motorcycle Safety

Practical Session 1: Urban Speed exercises up to 60km/h

  1. Stopping: it’s not just a stop
  2. Braking: Front & Rear Brake when and how
  3. Counter Steering: 2 ways & the right way
  4. Target Fixation: to work for you, not against you
  5. Quick U-turns: no time to get lazy
  6. Hazard Avoidance: reduce and manipulate

Practical Session 2: Rural & Freeway Speed exercises up to 120km/h

  1. Counter Steering: you can never get enough
  2. Emergency Lane Change: avoid at speed
  3. Stop-n-Go: avoid rear-end
  4. Emergency Escape: separating swerving from braking
  5. Maximum Braking: scared of the brakes, are you?


During the Road Captain Course (RCC), you, as Road Captain, will learn how to safely manage and control Motorcycle Mass Rides and Group Rides. This is a specialised course exclusively conducted all over South Africa by Hein Jonker. With more than 15 years of experience and in-depth research and development, Hein has developed the Road Captain Guide, now not only used in South Africa but in Russia, Australia, and Canada as well.

The theory and practical range- and road sessions will guide you through the process of riding etiquette, traffic management, ride management, rider control in a group, and safety and emergency procedures, all within the confines of road rules and the law. In addition, guidelines are given on Motorcycle Crash Scene Management and the importance of data collection.

Motorcycle Councils, Clubs, Groups, and Chapters are encouraged to send a Road Captain for every 8 riders (i.e. 20 Riders/Members = 2 RCs) to attend an MSI Road Captain Course.

Cost: At our Durban facility, the cost will be R650/rider, but prices may vary depending on the location elsewhere in the country.


  • Theory Session on Motorcycle Safety
  • Theory Session on Group Riding
  • Theory Session on Motorcycle Crash Data
  • Road Captain Range Session
  • Road Captain Road Session

Road Captains who complete/completed the MSI Road Captain Course will be issued with an RC Card for easy verification when stepping up to fulfil Road Captain duties anywhere in South Africa.

Past MSI-trained-certified RCs may apply for their card HERE.


A professional and well-trained instructor plays a vital role in rider skills development and motorcycle safety.

Theory and Range Sessions combined will not only improve your own riding abilities but also teach you to accurately identify riding errors and effectively coach safe motorcycle operations.

You will also be evaluated on your riding and coaching abilities during the course before your final test and grading. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be certified as an M.S.I. Motorcycle Riding Instructor, qualified to conduct the Urban Rider Course anywhere in South Africa.

Further to your qualification as an Instructor, you are welcome to join the MSI Team or operate your own riding school.

This course will be conducted by Hein Jonker, Chief Instructor and expert in the field of Motorcycle Rider Training, Safety, and Manipulation.

Cost: This course is only conducted at our Durban facility at a cost of R6500/rider.

Urban Rider Course
To train and equip the Urban Riders of South Africa.

  • 7 to 10 days of self-study theory before attending the practical training.
  • 3 days of practical training
  • Theory exam on day 2
  • Evaluation and grading on day 3

Instructor Requirements

Applicants …

  • Are at least 25 years of age or older,
  • Have at least 10000km of regular riding experience,
  • Have excellent verbal and written communication skills,
  • Have excellent social skills with a strong interest in helping other people,
  • Have a valid SA or International Motorcycle License,
  • Currently operate a motorcycle on a frequent basis, and
  • Have a clean record with no possibility of license suspension.

Individuals accepted into the Instructor Training Programme must successfully complete the following:

  • A riding skills test to demonstrate riding proficiency,
  • A riding instruction course/s conducted by an MSI Chief Instructor,
  • A written knowledge test based on the Course Manual and Practical Sessions,
  • An evaluation of communication abilities and proficiency at assessing and coaching riders,
  • Conduct enough courses to maintain certification,
  • Sign an Instructor Pledge.


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General Terms & Conditions

1. No spectators are allowed on any of our courses.
2. No Refunds will be given on cancellations received within 5 days of your Course Date.
3. Any Refunds will be subject to the sole discretion of MSI and a 15% Admin Fee.
4. We reserve the right to cancel/reschedule the course in the event of rain or insufficient entries.
5. At least a Motorcycle Learner License is required to attend the Advanced, Skilled, or Urban Rider Courses.
6. A full K53 Motorcycle License is required to attend the Road Captain or Instructor Courses.
7. Our courses are very popular; bookings are confirmed on a First Paid – First Served basis.
8. The use of your Own Motorcycle is required to attend any of our Rider Courses.
9. Your Own Helmet, Jeans (Riding Pants), Shoes (Boots), Jacket and Gloves are required on all Rider Courses.
10. Our catering does not accommodate specific dietary requirements; feel free to provide your own.
11. Arriving more than 20-minutes late is as good as not attending; you will forfeit your Course Fee.

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