Operation Young Rider

The Motorcycle Safety Institute of South Africa call upon the motorcycle industry and community, radio and other media, parents, teachers, schools and other educational institutions to team up and promote motorcycle safety and risk awareness targeting 16-25-year-olds, a demographic that represents 25% of motorcycle road crash victims on SA roads.

This campaign is based on the insight that young people, our future, cannot make the same mistakes that we made – a campaign set to change the way they think, in order to change the way they ride.

MSI encourages young people to influence friends, educators, and family before the hard lessons of ignorance takes a turn for the worse.

This campaign, with its foundation in social media and connection to friends, will deliver a very strong message that resonates with the at-risk young road user audience. Connect with our Social Media channels and help share our messages to the future motorcyclists of South Africa.

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