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Bad Habits and Motorcycles

Bad habits are negative behaviour patterns, and in motorcycle terms, this can most certainly be the difference between life and death. The fact of the matter is that it is much easier to learn or create a new habit than to try and fix an old one. The willingness to […]

Maximize Visibility

“I never saw the rider” is one of the most common things other road users say after they’ve struck a motorcyclist, an unfortunate reflection on how easy it is for riders to slip under the radar. Here are tips on how to stay visible while you ride. The first and […]

Plan for the Long Haul

Know your limits and plan your trip around them. If the longest ride you have ever taken is 500 kilometres in a day, don’t plan a trip with a string of endless five- hundred kilometre days. Our surveys also warn of an important trend in long distance trip planning. Discounting […]

Surface & Traction

We all know to retain ones balance a couple of things need to be in your favour. Many of these we take for granted! Let’s look at the human being – it makes the most of an intricate system using all its senses. Eyes and the horizon give an idea […]

Should I Ride?

Riding a motorcycle is a unique experience. Riding is fun and invigorating, yet the skills needed for safe riding, combined with the lack of car-like crash protection on a motorcycle, can cast doubts on whether a person should choose to ride a motorcycle. Some potential riders lack the ability to […]

Riding in Rain

It’s 7 am Monday morning and you peer out your bedroom window. Although the weatherman on TV had announced the night before that clear skies were in today’s forecast, dark grey rain clouds are looming in the distance. While sipping on your coffee, you try to estimate just how soon […]