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Live Rider Training

Live motorcycle training, 1-on-1 on the road with live instruction and commentary by an Expert Rider Coach. If you are in KZN, book your session with Hein today.

Overtaking Trucks

Almost everyday we deal with all sorts of vehicles when riding in traffic, and overtaking trucks should be done with caution. Here Hein briefly shares his insights on this issue; listen up!

Deal with Wind

Riding in the Wind can be a scary experience for some. In the article, Cross Winds, Hein elaborates on the issue but in this short clip he provides a brief explanation on how to deal with wind.  

Pick it Up

Most of us have witnessed or experienced this scenario at least once in our motorcycling life: you dropped your motorcycle or you witnessed someone dropping his or her motorcycle, and three or four people scramble over to help muscle it back up. But have you ever tried picking up that […]