Pick it Up

Most of us have witnessed or experienced this scenario at least once in our motorcycling life: you dropped your motorcycle or you witnessed someone dropping his or her motorcycle, and three or four people scramble over to help muscle it back up. But have you ever tried picking up that motorcycle alone? It can be done!

Here are a few important side notes you should consider before attempting a lift:

  1. Don’t try and pick up immediately. Switch the motorcycle off, key or stop-switch.
  2. Check yourself for any injuries, before you attempt the lift.
  3. Decide on the appropriate technique and set up, and set it in 1st gear
  4. Walk around the motorcycle and clear the area of any material that will make it slide.
  5. If you have a friend along, ask him or her to help. You don’t have to prove anything.

Very important is to get a good footing, keep your back straight, head up and lift with your legs.

In this video clip, Hein Jonker demonstrates 3 different methods of picking up a downed or dropped motorcycle effectively. Each method should be practised to prepare for that one day you can help yourself or another.