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Night Riding: Friend or Foe

Riding at night can be the experience you want it to be It’s not uncommon to hear riders saying that they ‘never ride at night’ due to their understandable fear of riding in the dark. Even experienced riders suffer from the same affliction but sometimes avoiding night riding altogether isn’t […]

bad habits

Bad Habits and Motorcycles

Bad habits are negative behaviour patterns, and in motorcycle terms, this can most certainly be the difference between life and death. The fact of the matter is that it is much easier to learn or create a new habit than to try and fix an old one. The willingness to […]

Towing a Motorcycle

There are numerous ways to tow a motorcycle, and a more creative but common way has recently surfaced in Johannesburg traffic; being towed by car with a tow-rope. Of course, I had to stir the pot a little, calling it stupid and I choose to stand on this point. There […]

Motorcycle Crashes

Motorcycle Crashes in S.A. – 2017

In no way does this report represent the total Motorcycle Crashes that occurred in 2017; this is based on reported crash data, collected from trusted sources. Insufficient or inaccurate crash data have been excluded from this report. Report No: MAR2017/01 Period: 1 January 2017 to 31 December 2017 Compiled: Hein […]

Strategies in addressing Accidents involving Motorcycles

During the next few months the M.S.I. team will elaborate on the following strategies, and once completed, publish and submit the complete proposal to the Department of Transport of South Africa, for consideration and implementation where needed. Incorporate motorcycle-friendly roadway design, traffic control, construction, and maintenance policies and practices Provide […]

Motorcyclist Awareness Tips

Every day we read, hear or experience motorcycle accidents on our roads, and some riders survive and some don’t. The proverbial “Not if, but when” is a very real fact each one of us stare in the face when we swing our leg over, and head out on the road […]