The 20 Best Excuses Not to Commit to Advanced Motorcycle Rider Training.

Motorcycle riding offers thrill, freedom, and a sense of camaraderie among fellow riders. However, refining one’s skills and becoming an expert or at the very least an effective rider requires dedication, practice, and ongoing education. Advanced motorcycle rider training courses have been designed to improve a rider’s skill set, enhance safety, and ultimately make the experience more enjoyable. Although these courses are highly recommended for any serious rider, some individuals might be hesitant to commit for various reasons.

Over the years I have heard them all, I think, but here I’ll only highlight the top 20 excuses people give for not participating in advanced motorcycle rider training:

  1. Expensive Course: The advanced rider training course is too expensive, and I can’t justify the cost right now.
  2. Time Constraints: I’m already swamped with work and personal commitments, making it difficult to find time for additional training.
  3. Conflicting Interests: I want to focus on other hobbies and interests instead of dedicating more time to motorcycle riding.
  4. Comfortable Skills: I’m satisfied with my current riding abilities and don’t feel the need for advanced training.
  5. Fear of Failure: I’m worried I might not pass the advanced course, so I don’t want to try it.
  6. Limited Availability: The advanced rider training courses in my area are always fully booked, making it difficult to secure a spot.
  7. Self-Taught: I prefer to learn new techniques and improve my skills through online resources and practice.
  8. Limited Riding: I don’t ride often enough to justify taking an advanced course.
  9. Geographical Constraints: The nearest advanced rider training facility is too far away, making it inconvenient to attend.
  10. Weather Concerns: The weather in my region is unpredictable, and I’m worried about the impact on my training.
  11. Physical Limitations: Due to a recent injury or health concern, I am not able to participate in advanced rider training.
  12. Insurance Coverage: My insurance company doesn’t offer discounts for advanced training, so I don’t see the financial benefit.
  13. Family Obligations: My family’s needs come first, leaving me with limited time for extracurricular activities like advanced rider training.
  14. Motorcycle Limitations: My motorcycle isn’t suited for the techniques taught in advanced rider training courses.
  15. Veteran Rider: I’ve been riding for many years, and I believe my experience makes advanced training unnecessary.
  16. Fear of Overconfidence: I’m concerned that advanced training might make me overconfident and lead to reckless riding.
  17. No Riding Buddies: My friends aren’t interested in advanced training, so I’d rather not take the course alone.
  18. Course Reputation: I’ve heard mixed reviews about the available advanced rider training courses, which makes me hesitant to enrol.
  19. Temporary Break: I plan to take a break from riding for personal reasons and don’t want to invest in advanced training at this time.
  20. Scheduling Conflicts: The advanced rider training courses don’t fit into my current schedule, so I can’t commit to them.

To which points do you relate the most?

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