The Ballad of a Wise Rider

In the heart where freedom whispers, on a path that knows no bounds,
The roar of engines sings a song, a harmony profound.
Upon the back of steeds of steel, beneath the vast blue sky,
Motorcycle warriors ride, where wind and spirit lie.

But heed, oh gallant road-rider, the calling of the wise,
Who tells of safety’s honour, in a tale that never dies.
A shield unseen, a silent sword, these rules of road lore,
Stand guard upon the winding path, a promise evermore.

Two wheels that kiss the asphalt, a dance of speed and grace,
The hum of life beneath you, the wind that strokes your face.
Yet the path is treacherous, and can claim the unprepared,
So, gear up, always, head to toe, let no safety be spared.

A helmet, mirror of the soul, your head it must protect,
The brain, the mind, the essence, that all life does respect.
Your vision clear, your mind alert, in every twist and bend,
Ready to react in time, for the road can be a fickle friend.

A jacket strong, of leather bound, the chill of risk to thwart,
Protecting flesh and bone beneath, in this courageous sport.
Boots and gloves, your armour’s end, safeguard from tip to toe,
For the road is a wily beast, as all riders know.

Ride not in the veil of twilight, nor the shroud of blinding rain,
For sight and sense, your foremost friends, in night may wane.
Keep distance as your trusted shield, space to move and act,
A buffer from the unknown, a crucial safety pact.

Be seen, be heard, be present, in all drivers’ sight and mind,
A ghost upon the roadway, is safety undermined.
And mirror, mirror, keep in check, the world that lies behind,
The past is a relentless foe, sneaking up, unkind.

So, ride, oh ride, with wisdom’s torch, and let your spirit fly,
On the open road beneath the endless, sprawling sky.
Let the rhythm of the journey, in harmony, unwind,
But remember, safety is the song that keeps the ties that bind.